The search for climbers from Russia started in the Himalayas

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Nepalese Sherpas, helping climbers during the ascent, went in search of three Russians who disappeared in the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal. It is reported by The Himalayan Times.

Earlier it became known about the disappearance of three Russians. Their names are Sergey Kondrashkin, Alexander Lutokhin and Dmitry Sinev. They tried to climb Annapurna, which is 8091 meters high. It is the tenth highest peak in the world.

According to media reports, the rescue operation is being carried out by Seven Summit Treks. She is engaged in providing services to climbers in the base camps. Among other things, its representatives can deliver food and water to the victims.

Communication with the Russians disappeared after leaving the base camp. At the same time, it is known that two Russians successfully completed the ascent, and Alexander Lutokhin refused to continue the journey at an altitude of more than 7 thousand meters.