The Russian women’s curling team won the fifth victory in a row at the World Cup

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On May 2 (May 3, Moscow time) Russian curlers beat Estonians in the fifth match of the preliminary round of the World Championship.

Competitions are held in Calgary, Canada. Russian curlers won with a score of 8: 6.

Thus, the Russians won five wins in five games. They are at the top of the competition standings.

In previous meetings, they beat the representatives of Canada (8: 7), Italy (8: 5), South Korea (8: 7) and Germany (8: 4).

On May 3 (on the night of May 4, Moscow time), Russian curlers will play against the Danish team, reminds TASS.

The tournament is qualifying for the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, in order to get to them, you need to enter the top six according to the results of the preliminary round. The 2020 World Cup was supposed to be held from March 14 to 22 in Prince George, Canada, but was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Russia participates in the tournament as a team of the Russian Curling Federation (RCF) due to the sanctions of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). In case of victory of the Russian women, the anthem of the Russian Federation will not be performed.