The Russian national team will contact the FIS because of the fall of the Zealous at the World Cup

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The coach of the Russian national team Markus Kramer will contact the International Ski Federation (FIS) in connection with the fall of Gleb Retivykh in the team sprint at the World Cup stage in Ulrisehamn, Sweden. This was announced by Retivykh during a broadcast on Instagram on February 7.

“I discussed the situation with Marcus, he said that he would send all the information to Pierre Miniere (FIS Ski Race Director – Ed.) To punish such violations. Now nobody even gets yellow cards. If a person has a warning, he will act more carefully in such situations, ”Retivykh said.

Markus has already raised this issue at the Tour de Ski, Zetivykh noted, but in the end nothing can be achieved and the appeals lead nowhere.

Zealous, who won silver on Saturday, February 6, in the personal sprint, fell the next day in the semifinals of the team sprint, colliding with the Finn Verneri Sukhonen on the descent. The fall prevented the Russian team from reaching the final. As a result, the national team took ninth place in the semifinals.

The Russian athlete called the Finnish skier guilty of his fall. “On the replay you can see that he goes to the left of me and after – sharply to the right. The Finn’s trajectory was free, I don’t know why he began to shift to the right. Maybe he was tired and his head went off, ”the skier commented on social networks, adding that he didn’t know how to“ run without a head ”.

The Finnish skier also commented on the incident, saying that he had no idea what happened on the track. “Suddenly I fell and rolled down. It’s a shame I was in a good position, ”he told the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

During the January stage of the World Cup in Lahti, Alexander Bolshunov and Finn Yoni Mäki clashed for the bronze medal in the relay. Bolshunov dismissed the opponent’s actions with a stick, and after the finish he crashed into him, knocking him down. Because of this, the result of the Russian team was canceled.

The incident occurred at the finish of the relay at the sixth stage of the World Cup in Lahti. On January 25, Bolshunov and Elena Vyalbe, President of the Russian Ski Racing Federation, apologized for this incident.

The Finnish Ski Association has accepted the Russian athlete’s apology.

Bolshunov, meanwhile, guaranteed himself the first place in the overall standings of the World Cup, becoming the first two-time tournament winner in modern Russian history.

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