The Russian military brought food to the place of the beginning of the military conflict in the SAR

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Servicemen of the Russian center for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria brought food to Deraa Balyat.

It is symbolic that it was here that the first anti-government protests began 10 years ago. Traces of fierce fighting are still visible everywhere. Thanks to the mediation of the Russian military, the Syrian authorities and representatives of the moderate opposition managed to reach an agreement, and now peace is established here.

“Much is being done now to stabilize the situation. A striking example, an illustration of this is the decree of the President of the SAR, which was signed on March 12, it pardons and exempts all draft deviators from criminal liability. Also last week, the transfer of 18 deserters took place, who were also released from custody, “said Rear Admiral, Deputy Head of the Central Command and Control Center in the SAR, Alexander Karpov.

750 families will receive food. Local residents are very grateful to the Russian military for the established peace and for the delivery of humanitarian aid.

“The most important thing is peace in Deraa Balyat. We must negotiate at the negotiating table. And all together to restore Syria, “- said the head of the administration of the region Deraa Balyat Shkhadi Abazit.

In addition to food kits, the CPVS servicemen delivered almost two tons of flour to the state bakery. The children were not left without gifts, forty school bags were handed over to them.

On March 13, the Russian military TsPVS, as well as members of the Russian community in Syrian Aleppo, in honor of Maslenitsa treated cadets of the Bashar al-Assad State Military Academy with pancakes.