The Russian Foreign Ministry reiterates the inadmissibility of ultimates addressed to Moscow

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Ultimatums are unacceptable against Russia, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on April 22.

Thus, she commented on the statement of the Czech Republic about the expulsion of 60 employees from the Russian embassy to the embassies, if Russia does not decide by 13:00 on April 22 to return to Moscow the employees of the Czech diplomatic mission declared persona non grata.

According to Zakharova, with such actions against Russia, the Czech authorities are striking by themselves.

“There are probably countries for which ultimatums are the norm, for which ultimatums are something acceptable, and perhaps even desirable. But this does not apply to our country. Therefore, the volley that was fired yesterday by Czech representatives of various branches of government, he … hit them themselves, ”she said on the air of the TV channel“ Russia 24 ”.

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