The Russian Embassy in the United States warned journalists about possible provocations

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Russian journalists visiting the United States are advised to take into account the prejudice against them by the American government, according to the website of the Russian Embassy in the United States on October 28.

“We recommend that Russian media workers arriving in the United States take into account the prejudiced attitude of the American authorities towards them, the high probability of provocative actions aimed at creating an excuse to accuse our citizens of interfering in internal affairs,” it was reported.

The diplomatic mission also condemned the incident with the journalist of the RT channel Konstantin Rozhkov, who was interrogated by the security forces for several hours at the New York airport. Particular indignation, the embassy stressed, is caused by the fact that the reason for such attacks on a man was his Russian citizenship.

“We call on the United States to end the practice of discriminating against journalists because of their nationality. We regard the actions of the US authorities as a rude attempt to put pressure on a press representative <...> They demanded an explanation from the State Department, “the diplomatic mission added.

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in Washington criticized the revision of the procedure for issuing category I visas, as this would complicate the professional activities of foreign journalists in the country.

The embassy stressed that such “unjustified complication of bureaucratic procedures and the creation of artificial barriers” for the work of the foreign press does not correspond to such concepts as freedom of speech and equal access to information.

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