The Russian embassy in France denied the connection of the attacked teacher with the Russian Federation

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Accused of the murder of a teacher in the suburbs of Paris, Abdulah A. has nothing to do with Russia, since he and his family have lived in France for 12 years since the French side accepted them. This statement was made by the head of the press service of the Russian Embassy in France Sergei Parinov on Saturday, October 17.

“This man entered France with his family in 2008, at the age of six,” TASS quotes him. “The family asked for political asylum here, they lived on the basis of a long-term residence permit.”

Parinov noted that the defendant himself received his own residence permit this year when he turned 18. The diplomat noted that these data were provided by the French side, RIA Novosti notes.

Russian citizenship, as a representative of the Russian embassy in France recalled, is lost after receiving the status of a political refugee. Thus, the suspect had no contacts with the Russian diplomatic mission. Parinov concluded that on the basis of these facts, the murder of the teacher had nothing to do with Russia.

“In this case, the important thing is not where a person was born, but where, when and why he began to profess a terrorist ideology, which Russia always, of course, condemns in all its manifestations,” he added.

The attack on history teacher Samuel Pati took place the day before. A perpetrator beheaded a teacher in Conflans-Saint-Honorine near Paris. The alleged assailant was shot dead by police in a neighboring commune.

Shortly before this, Pati showed cartoons of Muhammad during a course on freedom of speech. At the same time, the teacher explained to the students in advance that it would be about freedom of speech and opinion, and asked those whom his words could offend to leave the classroom.

The parent of one of the students of the institution then filed a complaint against the teacher, and a video appeared on the Web with the participation of a man who said that his daughter was at the teacher’s lesson. YouTube has blocked this video. In response, Pati also decided to file a complaint against the statement, which he considered defamatory, since, according to him, the student her father talks about in the video was not present in the class.

On October 17, the Paris prosecutor’s office announced that the man suspected of murdering the teacher was born in Moscow. A Russian citizen of Chechen nationality had refugee status.

French President Emmanuel Macron called the attack on the professor a terrorist act and stressed that “obscurantism and the accompanying violence will not win.”

As part of the investigation, the police detained nine people, including the father, grandfather and 17-year-old brother of the accused.

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