The roof of the emergency house may collapse on Kirov residents

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In Kirov, on 84/4 Molodaya Gvardia Street, there is an emergency building in which no one lives, but it is planned to demolish it only in 2021. The building is not fenced, its roof is collapsing, and its fragments can fall on passers-by at any time.

Activists from the regional branch of the All-Russian Popular Front said that the two-story building was built in the 1940s. In 2011, the house was recognized as emergency, the resettlement of residents began several years later.

It was planned to demolish the building in 2018, but the resettlement was delayed. In 2019, there was only one living space in the house, with the owner of which the city administration could not agree on. The resettlement was officially completed at the end of 2019.

Now anyone can get into the house, inside and nearby heaps of garbage. The house itself, along with the roof, collapses, the wooden cornice caved in. Two years ago, several heavy planks fell onto the sidewalk. They lie in this place to this day. In 2018, the house was on fire, one person died, and another was seriously injured. These were the former tenants who returned to the house for their belongings. The likely cause of the fire is arson. Residents of neighboring houses are afraid that the situation may repeat itself.

Kirov residents say that many passers-by walk by the house every day.

Adults go to work – there is a large enterprise opposite. From September, children will go to school # 37. The house is lopsided and may fall at any moment. The stench from the garbage is unbearable. Teenagers and homeless people get there. How long can we “admire” this in the very center of the city?

– the townspeople complain.

Community activists believe that before the house is demolished in 2021, it needs to be fenced or boarded up or doors and windows. The wooden structures on the roof should also be removed as they may fall on passers-by. Activists sent an appeal to the prosecutor’s office, where they demand to oblige the mayor’s office to speed up dreams and mothball the dangerous house.

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