The Right Way to Clean Your Sewing Machine

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It is recommended that you clean your Sewing machine after using your machine for a while or at least once a year.

To keep your work area clean, you should lay something under the machine to prevent oil and dirt from getting everything dirty. I usually just use newspapers if I got it handy. Here is check list of other tools you need to clean: kerosene, fine steel wool, a small toothbrush (can be a used one), toothpicks, Q-tips, a cotton lint free fabric, oil specially made for sewing machines, WD-40 and a screw driver. Please be cautious and do not use alcohol as it will ruin the finish and paint on your machine. Trust me, this is from personal experience.

Using the lint free cotton fabric mentioned earlier and remove all the excess grease residue off of your Machine. The grease that has hardened due to not maintaining your Machine for some time, if ever, needs to be broken down and dissolved. In order to break down and wipe of the grease, marinate the grease with a tiny bit of kerosene or WD-40. Please allow time for the grease to dissolve. If you haven’t cleaned in a while and the grease is stuck on their, you should let it soak overnight. To do so, tip your Sewing machine so the hardened greasy part sits on the Kerosene soaked cloth. For your safety complete this process in a location away from flames and a very ventilated area. When the grease is broken down and removed, you can oil the machine with sewing machine oil. Make sure you utilize oil that has been made for sewing machines. If you’re wondering where to oil the machines, in the correct locations, please refer to your owner’s manual.

Use your soaked end of the Q-tip with the WD-40 or Kerosene to remove the remainder of the grease.

Remove the thread on the machine by removing the throat plate also known as the needle plate. The thread might be wound around the shaft. With the toothbrush mentioned earlier, remove link from under the thread spindle and inside the cover of your Sewing machine.

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