The RF OP proposed to equate electric scooters with mopeds in traffic rules

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The Commission of the Public Chamber (OP) of Russia on Safety and Interaction with Public Monitoring Commissions (POC) has come up with a proposal that assumes in the rules of the road (SDA) equating vehicles with electric motors to mopeds.

At the same time, it is noted that this type of transport includes bicycles with a motor and electric scooters.

“It is proposed to equate bicycles and personal mobility devices with an electric motor (s) with mopeds, with the exception of personal mobility devices with gyroscopic stabilization,” says the document, which is at the disposal of TASS on Thursday, April 15.

The OP round table on this issue is planned to be held on April 19.

“At the round table on April 19, we will present our vision of the necessary changes. Based on the results of the event, we will form a document that will be open for wide public discussion. This is a very bold and new concept that requires public opinion and citizens’ feedback, ”said Oleksandr Kholodov, deputy chairman of the OP commission.

The meeting will also consider a proposal to introduce a new term “means of individual mobility” (SIM) into the traffic rules. It will include the definition of a vehicle with one or more wheels, “propelled by the muscular energy of the person on it, or having a gyroscopic stabilization system.” These vehicles include roller skates, gyro scooters and scooters.

In addition, it is assumed that persons over 16 years old may be allowed to ride bicycles, mopeds and SIMs with electric motors on the side of the road. At the same time, in the commission of the OP I advocate the prohibition of the management of such vehicles for persons under the influence of drugs and in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Earlier in January, the Department of Transport of Moscow and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation noted that, according to amendments to traffic rules related to SIM, their maximum speed on the roadway should not exceed 25 km / h. At the same time, pedestrians have an absolute advantage.