The remains of an unknown soldier were found in the Tver region

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On August 10, in the vicinity of the Verkhnyaya Olkhovka tract of the Andreapolsky municipal district of the Tver region, the remains of an unknown Soviet soldier were discovered. It is reported by the Andreapol Museum of Local Lore.

The remains were found by Daniil Linkevich, a soldier of the S.V. Morozov Podvig search unit in Andreapol. Next to the remains of the soldier, a 1940 steel helmet, a cap emblem and a belt buckle were found.

According to the museum staff and the commander of the search detachment, it will not be possible to establish the exact date of death, since the attacks of the rifle divisions occurred in different time periods. But the estimated date of death is from 8 to 18 September 1941.

Photo: Andreapol Museum of Local Lore

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