The regime of the captured state restored in Moldova

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The decision of the Constitutional Court, taken under open pressure from President Maia Sandu, is a constitutional coup

On Sunday, April 18, a meeting of the Republican Council of the Party of Socialists was held in Chisinau, where a declaration was adopted, which emphasizes that Moldova is an independent state, and the transition of state structures to external control is unacceptable!

The document also states that the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova qualifies the decision of the Constitutional Court, taken under open pressure from President Maia Sandu, as a constitutional coup with the aim of establishing an external government regime in Moldova in the interests of Sandu’s foreign curators. By its decision, the Constitutional Court rudely ignored the presence of a majority in parliament that nominated Vladimir Golovatyuk for the post of head of government. In fact, we can talk about the recreation of the captured state.

“This decision, restoring the regime of the captured state in Moldova, is one of the links in the chain of mockery of the sovereignty of our country, in particular:

– scandalous statements by the head of the EU mission to Moldova Peter Mikhalko and other ambassadors of the EU countries;

– boorish chauvinistic statement of Romanian Ambassador Daniel Ionita, who insulted the Moldovan people;

– a daring, illegal action of the special services of Ukraine with the participation of employees of the embassy of this country in Moldova on the abduction of a judge from Ukraine Nikolai Chaus on the territory of our country.

The Socialist Party reminds all external forces and their agents of influence in our country, regardless of what posts they hold, that Moldova is not a banana republic and will never be. We are a free country that rightfully celebrates its Independence Day every year. We are a people with a great and heroic history, and we will not give anyone the right to insult us, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

The Socialist Party believes that Maia Sandu personally participated in an anti-national and anti-constitutional conspiracy against our country and its people. We demand the resignation of Maia Sandu and the holding of early presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova.

The Socialist Party expresses its lack of confidence in the current composition of the Constitutional Court of Moldova, whose members, headed by the chairman of the Constitutional Court, Domnica Manole, became accomplices in the usurpation of power in the country. PSRM demands the resignation of judges D. Manole, L. Shova and N. Roshki. The principled position of the Party of Socialists: the members of the Constitutional Court should be exclusively citizens of the Republic of Moldova, who do not possess citizenship of other states and who have not taken an oath of allegiance to any foreign state, ”the PSRM declaration states.

The Party of Socialists will continue to insist on the appointment of the experienced economist Vladimir Golovatyuk as the head of the government of the Republic of Moldova. He is the legitimate parliamentary majority candidate. He and his team have detailed solutions to overcome the crisis in the country. In the event that he is not appointed, all responsibility for the economic and epidemiological crisis in the country will fall on Maia Sandu, on the ambassadors of Western states who support her and on the judges of the Constitutional Court, states the Republican Council of the Socialist Party.

“PSRM is more than any other party ready for early parliamentary elections in the country. The voter knows that the PSRM is the only party defending the country’s independence, the Constitution, law and law in the Republic of Moldova.

The voter knows that the PSRM is a party of defenders of Moldovan statehood and identity, who are called “primitive Moldovans”.

The voter knows that the PSRM is the only party that is able to maintain normal friendly relations with our main strategic partner – the Russian Federation, ensure normal working conditions for our labor migrants in Russia and maintain preferential conditions for Moldovan producers supplying products to the Russian market.

The voter knows that the PSRM is the only party capable of uniting the two banks of the Dniester on the basis of common values ​​and joint efforts to solve the Transnistrian problem.

The voter knows that the PSRM is the only party capable of protecting the political, economic and social interests of an ordinary person, achieving a decent standard of living for our fellow citizens, preventing the closure of schools and kindergartens, hospitals and clinics, defending our social sphere from pressure from external financial institutions “, – the participants in the party activists cite arguments in favor of the PSRM.

At the same time, the socialists are convinced that elections can be held only when at least 1.5 million doses of high-quality vaccine against COVID-19 are delivered to Moldova and when at least 600 thousand of our citizens are vaccinated with this vaccine. The life and health of the country’s citizens for the PSRM were, are and will be the top priority that outweighs any political demagogy.

In the final part of the declaration, the Party of Socialists calls on all parliamentary factions and all sensible public forces to unite against a gross attempt to usurp power in our country and an encroachment on the independence of the Republic of Moldova.