The punishment for domestic beatings will be toughened within six months

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“Kitchen boxers” – this term was coined by police officers in the era of semi-developed socialism. Oil painting: a woman’s screeching, a couple of bruises, the smell of fumes, children hiding under the bed, indignant neighbors … In short, nothing serious.

Meanwhile, in the city trauma center, not a day passes without women who have suffered from the fists of the faithful. The most common forms of self-mutilation are facial hematomas and traumatic brain injury. It could be worse.

“The girl fell on the knife”

A recent case. The husband brought his concubine to K. Marx Boulevard, her face was covered with blood. Both are drunk. The emergency room doctor wanted to call the police, but the spouses unanimously began to convince the doctor that “the girl fell around the corner.” The boulevard could not stand two.

In the new Russia, the habit of family assault is still condescending. By forgiving a domestic brawler, victims often set the stage for a more serious crime. Accordingly, a kitchen knife is more often the instrument of crime. Today there is no more or less transparent statistics that would reliably reflect the level of domestic violence in the country. Data on 14 thousand women who die from domestic violence annually are given in the report “RF: Nowhere to Run. Domestic Violence Against Women ”by Amnesty International back in 2005.

Finally, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in April of this year. said that amendments to article 116.1 of the Criminal Code “Beating by a person subjected to administrative punishment” will be submitted to the State Duma within six months. The department explained that the government was obliged to develop new norms by the Constitutional Court, which on April 8 considered the complaint of citizen L. Sakova. The woman was systematically beaten by her brother who lived with her. However, under the current article of the Criminal Code, he actually remained unpunished.

The article provides for a fine of 40 thousand rubles, or in the amount of the convict’s salary or other income for a period of up to three months, or up to 240 hours of compulsory work, up to six months of correctional labor, or arrest up to three months. But the Constitutional Court recognized Art. 116.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation inappropriate to the Constitution.

The social assistance service for families and children reported the findings of psychologists who analyzed the nature of domestic crimes in the Zheleznodorozhny District of Ulan-Ude over two years. About half of the fatal kitchen fights occurred after the husband was jealous of his wife or female partner. In other words, delirium of jealousy is persistent in drinking men. More than 80% of murders – after drinking alcoholic beverages, in a quarter of cases – after joint. Many serious crimes happened on Sunday or on the second day after the Sabantuy.

Prior to amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the current version of Art. 116.1 remains in force. The decriminalization of many articles of the Criminal Code in the new century is in line with the expansion of the list of administrative offenses, the same 15 days. At first, the brawler will be fined under the Code of Administrative Offenses, if the second time, he will be brought under the Criminal Code.

Nowhere to run

Of course, 15 days is not a solution to the problem, but a woman with a child during this time can at least look around, consult with relatives, pack up their things and go to a shelter for victims of domestic violence, which … is not in Buryatia. Although there are those for budgetary funds in many regions of Russia. Until recently, there was the only shelter for homeless women in Buryatia (a temporary home) in the village of Sotnikovo. The charitable institution simply did not have the funds to buy out private land under the orphanage. The shelter functioned thanks to the help of the St. Nicholas Church of Ulan-Ude and benefactors. The shelter could accommodate 15 people. This is not enough, considering that the institution also accepted homeless people.

This is, of course, a pious thing, but it will not work that way. The state must intervene in it. The urgency of the topic in Ulan-Ude is evidenced by the fact that in the 90s the Ministry of Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus considered the issue of launching a shelter for women victims of domestic violence. I was holding blueprints in my hands. They intended to adapt the building of the Odon Hotel to a shelter for offended wives – to reconstruct, to employ people in white coats and consultants-psychologists. The orphanage remained on paper.

Kitchen boxes

Kitchen offenders are generally understood to be masculine, but in recent years, women have become increasingly common. The trend has clear growth dynamics. In the women’s colonies, “kitchen boxans” make up at least half of the convicts.

The court considered a typical case. A drunken husband swung a heavy object, and his wife grabbed a kitchen knife lying under her hand … But since her husband’s coordination was broken, his wife outstripped him. The husband survived, and the woman was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm if the limits of necessary defense were exceeded (part 1 of article 114 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) with the imposition of a sentence of correctional labor for a period of six months, and her partner was innocent. In addition, the court collected 250 thousand rubles in his favor. as compensation for moral damage, having released him from punishment and removed his conviction in connection with the act of amnesty. The convict had to apply to the ECHR and she was awarded compensation in the same 250 thousand, but only “euros”. By the way, about the “Europe”.

The International Day for the Prevention of Violence against Women was established here (November 25). But if in the civilized countries from where this date came from, it is interpreted more in the sexual aspect, then in Russia and Siberia it is traditionally in the kitchen plane. Flat, like a cutting board, which, on occasion, is stamped on a spouse. After all, they drink in the kitchen! So small that in the heat of a discussion about the role of personality in history, you can accidentally hook your opponent. Self-isolation and the pandemic have exacerbated the problem when it became more difficult for husband and wife to miss each other.

This date is “red” in every sense. Victims of domestic violence do not feel any better because it is widespread in the world and is not considered an important problem in Russia. The Ministry of Justice’s proposal to toughen the punishment for domestic violence caused a mixed reaction in the State Duma. When the Narodny Khural rubber stamp federal amendments, this will become a pretext for creating a shelter for victims, for example, as a result of a public-private partnership (to repurpose a hostel?).

From love to hate one step. And mate.