The price of a 44-year-old pickup has not changed

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Princeburg, Minnesota resident Bob Sportal sold his 1957 Chevy pickup truck, which he drove for 44 years, for $ 75, the same price he bought it for. He was in his 20s when he bought a used pickup truck from a retired local farmer and drove it to work at the grain elevator every day until he retired himself five years ago.

He continued to drive a pickup truck until he decided to sell it to Tom Linstra, the grandson of a farmer who had sold the car to Sportal many years ago. “When I get behind the wheel, it seems to me that I am driving again with my grandfather,” said the moved grandson.

Being a kind of “antiques”, the pickup was well priced, but Sportal decided to sell it for the same price for which he bought. “The car will return to the family it served, and this is the most important thing,” he says.

There aren’t many 1957 pickups on the market. But if someone wants to get a similar car for a higher price, then they can buy a pickup truck rebuilt by Auto Trader with a new engine for $ 67,000.

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