The poll showed the attitude of Russians to the ways of buying air tickets

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Specialists of the online service OneTwoTrip conducted a survey in which they compared data on the purchase of air tickets by Russians in the mobile application and on the website. On Saturday, April 10, RIA Novosti reports.

As a result, it turned out that 23% of respondents are more likely to book spontaneous trips from mobile devices or tablets. Of these, 69% of travel is paid for a maximum of a week before departure.

Most often, flights are booked through a smartphone the day before the trip – the share of such orders is 27%, and 6% of customers buy tickets on the same day. For a couple of days, they pay for air travel 18%, for three – 12%, and every 10th person does it four days before departure. 11% of buyers are busy looking for flights a week before the trip.

In addition, travelers – users of smartphones and tablets in 83% of cases buy one-way tickets. That’s 10% more than desktop users.

The study also notes that men use the mobile app 10% more often than women.

On April 2, a representative of the Ministry of Transport told Izvestia that a gradual recovery of the air transportation market is being observed. At the same time, he noted that the traffic indicators are still far from the values ​​of 2019.

According to him, in the current period there is a sharp decrease in the depth of sales – air tickets are purchased mainly a few days before departure.