The policeman made a riot in the courtyard in the suburbs: “Prepare three coffins”

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A police officer attacked the house of relatives in the village of Dushonovo in the Moscow region. A video appeared on the Web showing how a man demands a meeting with a child and his mother. As it turned out, he suspected her of treason.

Eyewitnesses claim that the law enforcement officer was drunk. At the same time, he behaved aggressively and attacked those present, threatening to set fire to the house and the car.

As noted in the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Moscow Region, the video does indeed capture an active police officer. That day he had a day off, and he came to his relatives for a showdown.

It is reported that on May 2, a statement from a local resident was received at the duty station. This fact is being checked.

At the same time, the family, which was threatened by the policeman, is already complaining about the reluctance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to initiate a case, Rise reports. According to the mother of the girl, whom the police allegedly threatened to kill, they have a common daughter, seven years old. At the same time, the man never participated in her upbringing, but regularly requires a meeting with the child.

“My daughter is on pills, she is afraid of him, and says that I shouldn’t have raised a fuss, that he would get angry, come and kill everyone. So she said – prepare three coffins,” said the mother of the woman, whom the policeman demanded to meet.