The parapsychologist announced the problems of Pugacheva due to the connection with the deceased

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The famous parapsychologist Natalya Fedoseenko analyzed the relationship between Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin and warned that the health problems that the Prima Donna complained about may stem from her energetic connection with a long-dead person.

Fedoseenko praised Pugacheva as a power-hungry woman who is strong as a man and who is not characterized by female softness and complaisance. However, the specialist is sure that only Maxim Galkin forgives all the flaws, because he suits Pugacheva in everything in everyday life.

“With Maxim Alla Borisovna was really very lucky. Galkin is a non-standard and very patient person,” the “Interlocutor” quotes the words of a parapsychologist. The specialist also believes that the union between the absurd Aries and the patient Gemini is forever. And if Alla loves to relax after working days, then energetic Maxim at such moments can take on all the responsibilities at home without any extra words.

At the same time, Fedoseenko noted that disagreements occur between spouses, but they stem from jealousy. “And Alla is jealous of Max, and he is her. By the way, I want to note: Galkin will be with Alla until the end of her days,” said the parapsychologist.

Natalia was also worried about the diagnosis of Alla Pugacheva’s health. Recently, the Prima Donna herself admitted: “The body is malfunctioning. It is difficult for me to breathe, it is difficult to walk. But I am still alive.”

“She has a clear problem with the thyroid gland,” says Fedoseenko, adding that Pugacheva’s discomfort is also caused by back problems. However, the body fails not only because of age, the parapsychologist warns.

“For many years, Alla has been attacked by otherworldly forces. Next to Pugacheva there is a man who has long gone into another world. He pulls the strings of Alla’s life. And his essence is fed from her energy trail,” Natalia believes.

She added that it is because of this that Pugacheva often has depression, nervous breakdowns, and headaches.

“I would advise her to turn to a specialist who would break her connection with the deceased,” added Fedoseenko.

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