The “pancake” preferences of Russians named

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The Yandex.Food service analyzed user orders and calculated which pancakes Russians prefer. The release was received on March 5 at Izvestia.

With the average cost of a portion of pancakes in Russia at 179 rubles, the most expensive are sold in Moscow – at 192 rubles, in Yekaterinburg you can eat pancakes for 102 rubles, the report says.

In Russia, nourishing unsweetened fillings from different types of meat and fish are found in orders more often than sweet ones by 30%. The third place in popularity of fillings among Russians was shared by potatoes and mushrooms.

Pancakes with fillings are generally more popular than simple pancakes and pancakes with butter, which are ordered by only 5% of users in Russia, the service noted.

The five most popular savory fillings in Russia include ham and cheese, meat, chicken, mushrooms, and cottage cheese. At the same time, ham and cheese are in the lead in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don. Residents of St. Petersburg more often than residents of other cities add pancakes with chicken, as well as salmon or salmon to orders.

Condensed milk leads among sweet toppings, followed by strawberries and bananas. Sweet pancakes are most appreciated in Kazan and Saratov.

Popular among Russians are exotic pancakes “Khachapuri”, “Carbonara”, from buckwheat flour with salted caramel, cottage cheese with marshmallows and peaches, with flambéed pear, with yogurt and white chocolate cream, with cherries and rosemary, with liver and buckwheat, with herring , cremeta and herbs, with coconut curd and black currant.

Last year, the Russians met Maslenitsa with approximately the same number of servings of savory and sweet pancakes. Then pancakes with caviar were in the top five in Moscow.

Earlier in March, the Bank of Russia prepared a “pancake index” for residents of the capital region and calculated the cost of preparing this dish for Maslenitsa. So, preparing a stack of pancakes will cost a Moscow family of four 125 rubles, and a Moscow region – 118 rubles.