The nutritionist spoke about the benefits and dangers of mayonnaise and sour cream

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Sour cream and mayonnaise are leading in the food preferences of Russians, about why they are so loved and what such passion is fraught with on Friday, July 31, Natalya Denisova, a nutritionist and employee of the Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety, told Sputnik radio in an interview with radio Sputnik.

Sour cream, a traditional fermented milk product of Russian cuisine, is not ideal, it has both useful and not very good properties. According to the nutritionist, the main benefit lies in probiotics that aid in the digestion of food, plus sour cream is a source of proteins and vitamins

“But every barrel of honey has a fly in the ointment. Nutritionists do not like sour cream for its fat content and specifically saturated fat. Saturated fats should be limited in our diet, ”she explained.

Only mayonnaise can compete with sour cream on the tables of Russians. If we take its composition, then the original products are useful, but the product as a whole is very high in calories, the doctor said.

“Eating salad with mayonnaise, we consume a lot of calories, but along with these we get vitamin E, polyunsaturated fatty acids and various useful vitamins that are in the yolk,” Denisova clarified.

As the expert assures, modern dietetics cannot call sour cream and mayonnaise unambiguously harmful or useful product. The main problem is not in the sauces, but in the quantity and frequency of their use. If you use them wisely, then there will be no problems.

On July 21, nutritionist Tamila Arsenyeva announced a list of foods that stimulate the production of hormones of joy – serotonin, dopamine and endorphins.

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