The nutritionist named the hidden danger of low-fat foods

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Nutritionist, gastroenterologist Nuria Dianova, in an interview with Sputnik radio on Thursday, April 22, said that low-fat foods can be hazardous to health.

According to the specialist, many people mistakenly believe that low-fat foods are “lighter”, because they can be eaten in large quantities, such “lulling of alertness” can be fraught with severe overeating.

In addition, people who are fond of low-fat foods receive an excess of not always useful substances. The medic explained that as a result of defatting, the product loses some of its taste, and the manufacturers compensate for this with a huge amount of flavor enhancers, sugar, starch, salt and flavorings.

“Controlling fat content is an important issue, but the main thing is that instead of natural fat, there is no substitution with incomprehensible vegetable fats, by which it is impossible to understand whether they contain trans fats or not,” Dianova noted.

The nutritionist advised choosing initially natural, medium-fat products with minimal industrial processing, because prolonged use of foods with additives can be harmful to health.

Dianova noted that with such a diet, over time, the excess amount of additives affects the purity of the skin, intestines and beauty. Reactive pancreatitis can also be diagnosed when there is no obvious dysfunction, but there are changes in the pancreas. Also, the consumption of low-fat products in large quantities threatens to gain weight: a person does not eat a clearly sweet product, but there are many pseudo-products, the Zvezda TV channel notes.

On April 19, Candidate of Medical Sciences, nutritionist Rimma Moysenko spoke about the dangers of instant food for health. She explained that the use of such food is fraught with the fact that a person does not receive enough fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, antioxidants necessary for the body.