The nutritionist has named the acceptable number of cups of coffee per day

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Gastroenterologist, nutritionist Nuria Dianova told how many cups of coffee a day you can drink without harm to your health. The specialist spoke on this topic on Sunday, February 14, in an interview with RT.

She recalled that coffee has an element of addiction formation, which over time leads to depletion of the nervous system.

“Therefore, we still recommend no more than two cups, if viewed from the standpoint of a psycho-stimulating effect … Ideal from the point of view of gastroenterology is the use of coffee with meals. A purely ritual moment for many is coffee for breakfast. The mistake may be if it’s just empty coffee without everything. If this is within the framework of a full breakfast, then there is practically no harm to the gastrointestinal tract, ”said the nutritionist.

According to her, in some cases, people do not even need the caffeine itself, but the aroma and taste of coffee. The specialist explained that the aroma invigorates many precisely due to those components that are contained in coffee beans.

Dianova also advised to drink a second cup of coffee during a snack corresponding to an afternoon snack. She stressed that we are talking about good, high-quality coffee beans, prepared in any way. After taking it, the doctor recommended drinking water.

She also noted that abstaining from drinking coffee costs children and pregnant women. The specialist explained that even hypertensive people can drink one cup of coffee a day, if the person is not obese, diabetic and does not take appropriate therapy.

In early February, Australian nutritionist and nutritionist Jessica Sapel shared how to change her diet for 14 days and “restart” the body. In particular, she advised to exclude alcohol, sugar, sugar substitutes, sweets, sodas and red meat from your diet in these two, as well as limit caffeine intake.