The nutritionist gave recommendations for preparing the New Year’s table

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Nutritionist Irina Dyadikova told what dishes and treats should be prepared for the New Year’s table so that they are healthy and tasty.

According to the expert, a meat dish with vegetables is traditionally prepared for the holiday. And if it is a poultry, then it is better to prefer a duck with fruits to a turkey, which, when baking, should be overlaid with apples and dried fruits, and not potatoes, to make it tastier.

When preparing Olivier, mayonnaise can be replaced with yogurt or grapefruit juice, instead of sausage, put chicken to make it less fatty. Those who fast can choose red fish to sing in the oven or jellied fish.

As the nutritionist told Rossiyskaya Gazeta, for herring under a fur coat, you can cut an apple together with potatoes, and season with a homemade sauce made from vegetable oil, spices, repairs, herbs, lemon egg yolk.

According to Dyadikova, sausage and cheese plates will be replaced by nuts and fruits, as well as grapes. The dietitian recommended to lean on tangerines, the juice of which is quite aggressive.

In the morning after the holiday, do not drink, it is better to take a walk in the fresh air and eat soup, concluded the nutritionist.

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