The nutritionist called the rules for the healthy use of Easter cake

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Nutritionist Ekaterina Aleksandrova, in an interview with the Zvezda TV channel on Monday, April 26, told how much cake can be eaten without harm to health.

According to the specialist, the use of a large amount of sweet and starchy foods, in particular, Easter cakes, can cause a blow to health. Meanwhile, there is a “harmless” norm for the use of this festive delicacy.

Aleksandrova noted that it is best to eat Easter cakes between 15:00 and 18:00 in small quantities as a separate meal. She explained that this is the time when you can soften the “blow” as much as possible. As such, there is no “norm for the use of Easter cake”, the specialist warned. She added that it is recommended “not to eat the cake, but to taste” it, that is, to consume no more than 100 g per day at a time, the website writes.

Earlier on April 26, the chef of the Moscow Danilov Monastery, Oleg Olkhov, spoke about the traditional Orthodox dish – cottage cheese Easter, which is prepared in churches on the Orthodox holiday of the same name.

“It uses products that we could not eat during the fast: cottage cheese, butter, sour cream, cream. And, of course, there are raisins – it symbolizes the image of the fruit of the vine, ”said the specialist.

On April 20, nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg told who is contraindicated to eat eggs. According to him, they are useful for people with most diagnoses, with the exception of egg yolk allergy and gallstone disease.

Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter this year on May 2.