The number of phishing sites reaches a million

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The total number of phishing sites increased by 71% in the second quarter over the same period last year, Group IB told Izvestia. In total, there are more than a million fake websites in Russia, up to a million messages are sent per day, which are sent to the electronic mailboxes of individuals and organizations, the CEO of the Internet-search company Igor Bederov calculated.

Group-IB, together with the Federal Tax Service (FTS), at the end of July revealed a targeted phishing attack on organizations and government agencies, the company told Izvestia.

“Letters allegedly came from the Federal Tax Service, and if the user downloaded applications, the senders could get remote access to the data and resources of his computer,” the tax service told Izvestia.

The mailing began at the end of July and is still ongoing. Letters are sent to employees of oil and mining companies, airports, telecom operators and other organizations.

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