The Northern Fleet has worked out the rescue of a damaged vessel in the Arctic

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The military in the Barents Sea worked out a conditional rescue of a damaged vessel in the Arctic during a command post exercise. On Wednesday, April 21, REN TV reports.

According to the development plan, a fire broke out on board the ocean-going vessel, the carrier of the Georgiy Titov deep-sea rescue vehicles, and the military had to work out the process of extinguishing the fire, evacuate potential passengers, pump out water, supply power and take the ship in tow.

First, the Il-38 anti-submarine aircraft arrived at the exercise site, the task of which was to detect the object and provide emergency rescue equipment, after which the Mi-8 helicopter followed, which in turn dropped the MMDSK-1 small naval landing rescue kit and the parachute landing of rescuers …

The Mikula sea rescue tug and the Altai rescue tug cooled the facility’s hull and extinguished a fire on the upper deck. The fire boat PZhK-2055 was also involved in the elimination of the fire.

A group of divers from the “Ivan Shvets” boat took up the elimination of the conditional hole in the underwater hull of the damaged vessel, after which the tugs “Mikula” and MB-100 worked out the towing of the ship.

Upon completion of the exercise, a simulated victim was redirected to the Altai rescue ship inside the evacuation container.

On April 6, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that combat readiness checks had started in the Russian Armed Forces (AF).

On April 13, the Russian military department reported that in accordance with the training plan for the Russian Armed Forces, 4048 exercises of various scales will be held in the military command and control bodies, formations and military units during April.