The most unprofitable premium cars for OSAGO in 2024 are named

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The experts of AlfaStrakhovanie have calculated the size of the average losses under OSAGO paid by the insurance company to the owners of premium cars after the occurrence of an insured event in 2024.

As stated in a press release received by Izvestia on February 2, Aston Martin became the most expensive foreign car, the drivers of which become the culprits of the greatest damage: the damage caused after each accident exceeds 130.9 thousand rubles on average.

Bentley is in second place, Alpina is in third place. The average loss for these cars amounted to 93.1 thousand and 87.6 thousand rubles, respectively.

The fourth position is occupied by BMW (78.4 thousand rubles), followed by Mercedes-Benz (75.9 thousand rubles). The ranking is closed by Lexus (70.1 thousand rubles), Maserati (64.1 thousand rubles), Rolls-Royce (53 thousand rubles), Tesla (38.9 thousand rubles) and Lamborghini (24.4 thousand rubles ).

On January 26, it was reported that in 2024 the average cost of an OSAGO policy for cars of individuals remained at the level of 2019, amounting to 5497 rubles.

It is noted that, at the same time, in 26 regions of Russia, in which 26.4% of all domestic car owners live, the average premium for compulsory motor third party liability insurance has become lower.

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