The most popular packages of documents in the Moscow MFC are named

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The package “Birth of a Child” in 2020 has become the most demanded for registration in the capital centers of State services. This is stated in a message published on September 15 on the official website of the mayor of Moscow.

“In the centers of public services, the most demanded and important documents can be issued in one package. This year, Muscovites most often applied for the Birth of a Child package – about 36,000 times, ”the message says.

The package includes a child’s birth certificate, a paternity certificate (if necessary), SNILS, compulsory medical insurance policy, registration at the place of residence, monthly payment for the birth of the first child, a certificate for maternity capital and a passport for five years.

The package “Large family” turned out to be the second most popular package – more than 12.5 thousand applications. On the third – the package “Change of name”, which is used, for example, when changing the surname after marriage.

Earlier, on August 29, registration of cars at the MFC began in Russia. This will simplify the state registration procedure, save time for car owners and expand the list of services.

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