The most demanded professions of 2024 are named

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Sales managers, engineers and drivers were the most in demand in 2024. This is evidenced by the results of the HeadHunter study, published on December 15.

The experts analyzed the vacancies that were posted by employers on HeadHunter during the year. The study took into account synonyms in the names of professions.

Outside the top 3, among the most in-demand professions were doctors, accountants, account managers, turners, sales representatives, locksmiths and sales consultants, writes RIA Novosti.

At the same time, the Moscow top-10 professions in demand of the year differ from the all-Russian one. So, the first place is also occupied by sales managers, and the second is by engineers. Below are accountants and drivers, programmers and customer service managers, as well as lawyers, cooks, storekeepers and sales-cashiers.

Earlier, on December 12, the highest paying vacancies were named ahead of the New Year. So, the general director of a design institute can count on a salary of up to 1 million rubles a month, and the chief architect of the payment processing technology direction – up to 900 thousand rubles.

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