The mistress of the attacked child Alabay near Saratov told about the incident

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The owner of the Alabai dog, who attacked a three-year-old boy on August 2 in the city of Volsk, Saratov region, told her version of what happened.

In a commentary on the entry of the mother of the injured child in one of the local publics on VKontakte, she wrote that the children were walking around her yard around the watchdog, which led to the attack. According to her, witnesses will confirm that the dog was sitting on a chain behind a closed fence. The boy’s mother claimed that the woman let the dog off the chain in order to drive the children away from the fence on her site, the website writes.

Users of the social network had a question where the mother of the child herself was at the time of the attack. She said that she went for diapers, and her friend sat with her son. The owner of the dog did not agree with this version. According to her, the woman abuses alcohol and at the time of the incident did not go anywhere, but drank alcohol with her sister.

At the same time, she stressed that she does not absolve herself of responsibility and is ready to answer in court, to help the family of the injured child.

Who is to blame for this situation will be decided by the prosecutor’s office. In the Volsk Ministry of Internal Affairs, the TV channel “360” was told that the incident was being checked. The examination showed that the dog was not rabid, so they did not put him to sleep, despite the demands of the residents.

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