The Ministry of Internal Affairs will launch a mobile service to combat telephone fraud

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The Anti-Fraud service for the Ministry of Internal Affairs mobile application, which will notify citizens of fraudsters’ calls, will be developed by December 25 of this year, 45 million rubles will be required for implementation, reports on Sunday, May 2, TASS, citing the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“The cost of the work is 44.9 million rubles. The deadline for the completion of the development work is December 25, 2021, “the message says.

The contract with the developer was signed at the end of March this year, the department added. Initially, the development cost was estimated at 62.9 million rubles.

The service, which is planned to be introduced into the mobile application of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, will notify the user that he is being called or sent a message from the number with which illegal actions were previously committed. Calls from scammers can be blocked. A “White List” will also be added to the application, which ignores blocking by the MIA application of an incoming call, SMS, MMS. The module will restrict the ability to issue warning notifications. The user will be able to add phone numbers to it on their own.

The application of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, to which the Anti-Fraud service will be added, is available for download in the AppStore and Google Play.

On March 17, it was reported that scammers began to re-attack Russians with calls on behalf of the bank’s security, citing a previous attempt to defraud. Having detailed information about the previous attack and the personal data obtained during it, the attackers elicit the missing confirmation code for forwarding all SMS to their own number.