The Ministry of Internal Affairs prescribed the requirements for the safety of the car during the passage of MOT

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has prescribed several dozen requirements for the safety of a car when passing a technical inspection. This was announced on February 16 by TASS with reference to the new version of the federal law “On the technical inspection of vehicles and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation.”

Thus, drivers will not be able to undergo technical inspection if brake fluid leaks in their cars, the tightness of the pipelines is broken or the steering wheel is difficult to turn. The parking brake, total steering play, windshield integrity and seat belts will also be checked.

Buses must be equipped with a tachograph or a device for recording drivers’ work and rest hours. In addition, it will not work for those who do not have wipers and washers, the integrity of external lighting devices is broken, at least one bolt or nut for fastening discs and wheel rims is missing.

A decree on new rules for conducting vehicle inspection was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin in September 2020.

The decree prohibits the purchase of diagnostic cards together with the CMTPL policy. The diagnostic cards will be converted into electronic form, and the inspection procedure itself will be recorded in the photo.

In addition, drivers will be fined for driving without maintenance. Fines for companies selling diagnostic cards will increase several times.