The Ministry of Health told Kaluga residents how to reduce salt intake

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On the night of Sunday, March 14, the Ministry of Health of the Kaluga Region published a memo for residents of the region on how to reduce their salt intake to a safe level.

There are several life hacks in the appeal. So, first of all, you need to try to include foods with a high salt content in the diet as little as possible, remove the salt shaker from the table so that there is no temptation, use less food with deep industrial processing (sausages, smoked and salted fish, crackers and crackers, canned food).

Less often you should eat pickles, try not to use salt in home preservation. So, even cabbage can be fermented without it, since the fermentation process is facilitated by the lactic acid contained in this vegetable.

“Reduce the use of ready-made sauces such as soy sauce, ketchup and salad dressings that contain a lot of hidden salt,” the Ministry of Health advises Kaluga residents.

He also recommends eating more often what you cook yourself. So you can control the amount of salt used and replace it with spices, and to add a piquant taste to the broth, root vegetables (celery root, onions, carrots), roots (ginger root), herbs (basil) and other aromatic vegetables (celery stalks, leeks) ).