The Ministry of Emergency Situations told about the requirements for places for cooking barbecue

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The EMERCOM of Russia named several requirements for cooking barbecue and making fires. This was announced on Friday, April 30, by TASS with reference to the press service of the department.

“Starting this year, new fire safety requirements have been in effect in Russia. They do not establish a complete ban on the use of open fire and making fires on the territories of private households and garden plots. The rules set a number of conditions and requirements for equipping specially designated places, ”the Ministry of Emergency Situations said.

The department has identified four such requirements. It is noted that the place where open fire is used must be made in the form of a pit at least 0.3 meters deep and not more than 1 meter in diameter. Otherwise, it should be a platform with a non-combustible metal container firmly installed on it, for example, a brazier, a barrel or a tank.

“When making fires for cooking on barbecues and braziers, the distance from them to the nearest building can be 5 meters, and the radius of the zone for cleaning from combustible materials around the barbecue can be up to 2 m,” the department explained.

In other cases, the place for using an open fire should be located at a distance of at least 50 meters from the nearest building, 100 meters from a coniferous forest or separately growing coniferous trees, and 30 meters from a deciduous forest. The area around the place of use of open fire must be cleaned within a radius of 10 meters from dead trees, dry grass, dead wood, felling residues and other flammable materials. Also, the place where the fire was made must be separated with a fire-fighting mineralized strip with a width of at least 0.4 meters. You must have primary fire extinguishing equipment with you.

To incinerate garbage while cleaning the area, you should use a container with a metal sheet, which would allow you to completely close it from above.

If a special fire-prevention regime has been introduced in the region, then it is forbidden to fry kebabs in nature. In this case, a complete ban is established on making fires on lands of all categories. For the duration of such a regime, regional authorities may introduce additional restrictive measures, including a ban on visiting forests. The fine for violation of fire safety rules when using open fire for citizens is up to 5 thousand rubles. During the operation of a special fire-prevention regime, its size increases.

On April 29, it was reported that a special fire safety regime during the May holidays will operate on the territory of the Rostov region. Also, during the May holidays, patrolling of forests on the territory of the Tambov region will be intensified.