The military police of the Russian Federation protect historical monuments in the Syrian Bosra

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Since February 2021, the Russian military police have been conducting patrols in the area of ​​the Syrian city of Bosra. This ensures the preservation of monuments that are the property of all mankind.

Bosra is famous for the fact that it is here that one of the largest perfectly preserved ancient Roman amphitheaters, built at the beginning of our era, is located – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“It is important to note that from February 2021 the Russian military police began to operate on a permanent basis. She contributes greatly to conservation. The people of the city see that they are under reliable protection and protection. This antique theater made of black basalt during the Roman period is Bosra’s trademark. During the Middle Ages, the rulers of the Ayyubid dynasty, amazed by the beauty of the stage and the rows for the audience, decided not to touch anything. Only the theater was surrounded by a powerful fortress wall. For its splendor, the Syrians themselves call Bosra “the second pearl of the country” or “Black Palmyra,” Alexander Karpov, deputy head of the Central Command and Control Center, told reporters.

In addition, Bosra has an old town worthy of the attention of visitors and tourists. The second name that would suit the city is “Black Palmyra”, since all the old buildings are made of black tuff, which is so rich in the local surroundings.

Two years ago, this territory was controlled by the opposition. Thanks to the mediation efforts of the Russian CPVS, the leaders of local groups sat down at the negotiating table with the official authorities and concluded a reconciliation agreement. And the antique Bosra as a result escaped the fate of Palmyra, in which the militants destroyed most of the monuments.