The McCloskeys, from “self-defense” to Trump’s defense at the Republican convention

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Charlotte | Two months after targeting demonstrators protesting racism and police brutality, an American couple was the guest of honor at the Republican national convention on Monday.

The facts took place at the end of June in the very opulent private road where Mark and Patricia McCloskey reside in the city of St. Louis, on the edge of the state of Missouri.

In a video that has made the rounds on social networks, we see the two sixties each brandishing a weapon, barefoot, in front of the colonnades and carefully trimmed boxwoods in the garden of their vast home. He firmly holds an assault rifle, she a small pistol.

The McCloskeys, from

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Protesters, mostly black, marched a few dozen meters away, at whom the McCloskeys did not hesitate to point the barrel of their weapon. The protesters however remained peaceful according to the local prosecutor. The confrontation also ended there, without a shot.

“What you saw happen to us could just as easily happen to any of you,” warned Patricia McCloskey, sitting alongside her husband in a video released at the Republican National Convention held. in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Make no mistake about it: no matter where you live, your family will not be safe in the America of radical Democrats,” she added.

For the conservative right, the couple of lawyers at the end of June only exercised a fundamental and secular right: the defense of private property.

This, after the gate of their private street had been forced by vandals part of the procession. And they were protected by the sacrosanct Second Amendment to the US Constitution, which allows the possession of firearms.

For others, the McCloskeys illustrate this feeling of superiority of certain wealthy whites, the breeding ground for all the abuses suffered by ethnic minorities in the United States, African Americans first.

St. Louis prosecutor Kimberly Gardner has also taken legal action against the two lawyers for illegal use of firearms. Prosecutions qualified as “abuse of power” by the White House.

As for President Donald Trump, he maintained that the two residents were “at best going to be badly beaten up and their house ransacked and probably set on fire.” To bring them before the courts would be “a shame”, he insisted.

The opening Monday of the Republican national convention in this context offered the McCloskeys the opportunity to return the lift to the president-candidate.

Mr. Trump continues to depict, in the event of Joe Biden’s victory on November 3, an America given over to gangs of undocumented thugs and extreme left groups and in which honest citizens would have their legally owned weapons confiscated. .

“Although the media tried to ‘eliminate’ them, the (McCloskey) fought for individual freedom and constitutional rights,” said the billionaire’s campaign team.

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