The lower embankment will be landscaped this summer in Irkutsk

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Irkutsk plans to improve the Lower Embankment this summer. The relevant information is posted on the public procurement portal.

Based on the documentation, the contractor must replace benches and benches, lanterns, curbs and paving slabs. Part of the old tiles will be disposed of, and the other part will be reused, writes IA IrkutskMedia.

Also, the project provides for the replacement of the fence and landscaping. The specialists will lay out lawns, plant lindens, garden jasmine, apple trees, maples and rose hips.

The maximum cost of a contract with a contractor will be 42.5 million rubles. The customer of the works is the Irkutsk Capital Construction Department.

Earlier it was reported that the demolition of illegal advertising structures will start in Irkutsk in June this year. The authorities have a priority of 133 illegal objects, none of which has been dismantled.