The Latvian sister city of Pskov invites to a virtual tour

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The virtual tour will be held on 28 February by the Latvian sister city of Pskov Valmiera.

The city tour will start at 11.00, and the residents of Pskov are invited to join the group of the city’s information center on Facebook, the press service of the municipality told MK in Pskov.

In addition, Pskov and Valmiera are holding a joint competition “Creativity without Borders – Drawing the Hansa”, in which all cities of the International Hanseatic League of the New Age and the Union of Russian Hanseatic Cities are invited to participate. Moreover, it is assumed that schoolchildren from Latvia will draw the Hanseatic history of Pskov and vice versa. The results of the project will be presented at a banner exhibition that could be placed at the International and Russian Hanseatic Days.