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There have been many overwhelming and numerous posts and articles and so called facts in regards to “The Meaning of Roses” and “The Language of Roses”. I thought since I have dedicated my life to roses, fresh rose growing, retail sales and the wholesale rose business as well as consumer experiences since 1974, which is over 34 years that I would research this subject and hopefully “correct” and clarify the true meanings of the wondrous and most magical fresh rose.

I have been successfully and contentedly involved in the business of selling fresh superior roses to lovers and compassionate amorous men and women all over the world. I wanted to investigate and demonstrate authentic words that could accurately be used to enhance your feelings when giving a miraculous rose. I receive blessings and pleasure, and incredible gratification when I could assist a loving individual lost for words with the secret language of the rose. Fresh cut roses are the ultimate timeless “expressions verbalizing unconditional love, uttering inner unexplainable feelings and whispering silent messages of ones accurate thoughts from natures awe-inspiring rose.”

The language of flowers is a lost art, but some strive to keep the meaning alive through websites. The Victorian era gave rise to “meaning” behind flowers. But just as the Eskimo language has several words for “snow”, the floral language may have several meanings for the same flower. Part of the interpretation of the language of flowers is the powerful emotions between the giver and the recipient. Sometimes even a simple dandelion picked from a lawn by a child can be the most powerful symbol of love to a mother. Buy her what she likes or her favorite rose color or a soft-scented rose and perhaps the emotions behind the gift will give a new meaning in her mind and heart for this flower. Roses send feelings through the gift of nature! They can converse through their astonishing life form without speaking a word. They bring heaven to the planet and sorrow to joy.

Single roses are simple! They are exceptionally passionate and are the unspoken environmental representation of our pure secret emotions! The magical rose is nature’s demonstration of effortlessness beauty and mysterious inborn divinity and Heaven’s gift to the planet earth. It is God’s Love Flower from His personality to our humanity! The single rose wordlessly secretly, anxiously, whispers passion, romance, love, honesty, trust, gratitude and every human emotion to “Her” admirable deserving recipient!

The Single Rose is Nature’s Gift for the Heavens! This magical flower, a wonder of the planet, represents a single uncomplicated symbol of unconditional and unexplainable emotions for us to transmit and bestow. The single rose represents a universal appreciation and power that exploits even the most dominant unseen energy in the universe! The phenomenon of unconditional love! A love so effortlessly concealed by the human soul and yet so powerful it could move mountains of feelings! With the giving of a single rose with love, it can infiltrate the world around us, in us, and in you as well.

This magical rose whispers our love in every conceivable emotion for you. Please accept my gift from the heavens… “to you from me”!

For centuries, flowers, herbs and various plants have given much pleasure to people of all nations, because their beauty has the unique ability to bring cheer when someone is ill or downhearted, their fragrances can be used to make lovely perfumes, delicate foliage can be used for certain medicines and foods, and pungent smells can bestir mood.

In fact, they have been so outstanding in this regard, that there is no wonder that mankind has attached significant meanings to them… actually going as far as to formulate a language all their own called “fluorography.” This “language” was particularly utilized during the Victorian era; however, flowers well into past generations have had religious and symbolic meanings, and still do today.

For example, there were references given to flowers, herbs and plants in Biblical times, and during the Middle Age, Herbs were even believed by some to have magical powers. Therefore, they were given a place of honor in the royal floral gardens. The use of these floral gardens existed well into the Victorian Era and helped to create the elaborate list of meanings to describe these beloved flowers.

History relates that during the reign of Queen Victoria in England, which lasted from 1837 to 1901, (known as the Victorian era) the language of flowers was as important to people as being “well dressed.” For example, the recognizable scent of a particular flower, plant or perhaps a scented handkerchief sent its own unique message.

Flowers adorned almost everything… hair, clothing, jewelry, gowns, men’s lapels, home dcor and china, and stationery, to name a few. A young man could either please or displease a lady… by his gift of flowers. Flowers would convey messages of love or dislike depending upon which ones were given, their sizes, how they were held or also grouped together. They had a silent meaning of their very own, and could say what was not dared to be spoken. Even the manner in which flowers were sent had a special meaning. A flower presented in an upright position represented a “positive thought; whereas one presented in the opposite direction had a negative meaning”. Also, a person could say “yes” by offering a flower with the right hand – the left hand “no.”

Dictionaries were written to explain this language to all, and were especially used by “lovers.” One could learn that “ROSES” symbolized love, in general, but each variety and color had each, her own meaning. The “LILY,” generally symbolized beauty, but it also has many varieties, thus many diversified meanings. Consider the quandary that could have developed if lover’s used two “different” dictionaries— with each possibly having its own connotation. There could, potentially, be some real misunderstandings! So, we see the importance of acquiring accurate information in this regard.

Those of the Victorian era liked to make up bouquets. “Tussie Mussies” were generally very well-liked gifts. These were small bouquets of flowers wrapped in a lace dolly and tied with satin. The intrigue of secret messages sent this way, became a popular pastime.

Today, one may find it difficult to express his true feelings. One may wonder, “How do I say I love you?” or “I want to be your friend” or “You are special.” If one is gifted in such a way, he could compose a song, or write a poem. Or, he could do something much easier and more significant… he could give flowers!

Speak with finesse and bring the Language of Flowers into YOUR modern day romance. Incidentally, be sure to include an accompanying card that explains their meaning!

I have composed a list after much study and diligence of the most popular and more common roses, herbs and flowers and their meanings. However, the list is infinite. And, of course, the meanings may change with various combinations. Here are the meanings of the most common colors and color combinations:

RED: Almost everyone in the world knows that the elegant red rose signifies romantic love and affection. More so, it is a classic symbol of everlasting and enduring love and passion. It doesn’t just symbolize love, but also denote beauty, courage and respect. Did you know that a Red Rosebud is a symbol of purity and loveliness, as well? As you might know, red roses are widely known to be used when proposing marriage and to reaffirm one’s love in a very profound way. Regardless of whether it is given as a single red rose to say “I love you”, or as a group of one dozen or more, it makes a wonderful gift for any romantic occasion!

WHITE: For many centuries, white has stood for purity, innocence and even divinity. It can also symbolize silence or secrecy. Yet another meaning of the white rose is reverence, humility and serenity. This color of rose is perfect for events where youth or innocence are celebrated, such as weddings and proms. In a bridal context white roses (and especially white rosebuds) signify innocence and girlhood. A white rose is the ideal rose for young love. A white rose can play a role in commencing a relationship and proposing marriage, indicating a man’s special feelings for his beloved. When giving a white rose to a bride you wish her joyful and impeccable love. Lastly, coming back to the historical meaning of the color white, roses of this color can be used to show feelings like ‘ I am worthy of you,’ or ‘you are heavenly’.

CREAM: Cream roses have a different meaning than white once, since they are not quite white in color. They indicate charm and thoughtfulness. It is especially appropriate to give them in combination with pink “thank you” roses.

PINK: Pink roses symbolize grace, gentility, joy and gratitude and are used to express appreciation towards loved ones for loving you. You give pink roses to say “Thank you”, to represent perfect happiness and admiration. They can be romantic, or not. If you would like to give pink roses to communicate friendship you want to mix them with yellow roses.

DARK PINK: If you are thankful for something someone did for you, in appreciation of their support, you may want to give them a dark pink rose since it expresses gratitude, praise and admiration. Another meaning they imply is sympathy and empathy. Therefore, they can also be given to a sick person to say: ‘Get well’.

LIGHT or PALE PINK: Light pink roses denote liveliness and fun. Light pink is a great color of rose to give to a good friend (use them to express feelings strictly confining to friendship.) Pale pink roses represent grace, gentleness, admiration and happiness. It’s a great idea to bring pink roses for the hostess of a party or dinner since it also conveys sweetness and gratitude. Or consider dressing up your dinner table with a bouquet of fresh pale pink roses.

PEACH: Similar to pink roses, the peach colored rose expresses gratefulness and humility.

YELLOW: Interestingly, yellow roses used to represent jealousy in Victorian times. These days, however yellow roses express joy, gladness, delight and the reassurance of a new beginning. Yellow roses are often given to congratulate on life events, such as a birth, a wedding, a graduation, or a promotion. It’s a also great color to show affection, friendship and caring. If you present someone with a yellow rose with red tip you offer friendship or possibly send a message that one is ready to be free and express the feeling of new love. For couples, however, the yellow rose can signify the idea of friendship and freedom within a romantic relationship. With other words you can show your significant other, that you feel free around him or her, and that you value their friendship within a serious relationship or marriage.

ORANGE: This rose indicates feelings just as passionate as the bright color orange, such as desire, exuberance and enthusiasm. These intensely colored roses remind us of flames and fire and fascinate us just the same. They are great roses to give when expressing interest in going ahead with a new romantic relationship.

CORAL: Just like orange roses, coral roses are perfect for more passionate purposes as they reveal desire and passion.

LAVENDER: Roses with this color reveal love at first sight, and are a great spontaneous choice to express the fact that you’ve had butterflies in your tummy from the first moment you met your love.

BLACK: In case you no black roses. Florists actually dry roses and dye them black. Dead roses represent the culmination of a relationship or the end of life. They are used at burials, signifying death and bidding “adieu”. In Gothic culture black roses symbolize tragic romance.

BLUE: Researchers have finally succeeded in engineering a BLUE rose, a color of rose, which was previously missing from the genetic colors. The blue rose is symbolic of the impossible and stands for love beyond reach.

ROSE COLOR COMBINATIONS * Roses of different colors are often used together to enhance their original, single-color, meaning. The number of roses given can add additional significance to the meaning of the color and color combinations. For example, two roses fastened together can celebrate being engaged and heralding marriage. Different color combinations can emphasize your best wishes for the happy couple. Generally, a rose bud in any color suggests youth, beauty and gratitude.

RED AND YELLOW: A combination of red and yellow roses is a symbol for joy and celebration, delight and happiness.

WHITE AND YELLOW: White and yellow roses communicate harmony.

PINK and YELLOW: You want to mix pink roses them with yellow ones to communicate friendship.

RED and WHITE: The combination of RED and WHITE roses signifies unity or an engagement.

RED and PINK: Mixed with red roses, pink ones reveal an even deeper meaning to a romantic relationship.

The Symbolic Meanings of Roses:

Red Roses = Romantic Love, Beauty (And passion)

Orange Roses = Passion & Energy (Also fascination and desire)

Lavender Roses = Love at first sight (Adoration)

Yellow Roses = Friendship & Caring (And mature love)

Pink Roses = Joy & Thanks (Also sweetness or first love)

White Roses = Purity or New Beginnings (Perfect for a Wedding Day)

Green Roses = Harmony & Tranquility (Also fertility)

Burgundy Rose = Beauty

Black Roses = Death of a Friendship (Rose can also be a very dark blue shade)

Striped Roses = A Warm Heart

Different colored roses can be mixed together in a bouquet of emotions to deliver your intentions to your love! Also consider whether you want to choose to send roses in full bloom, or rosebuds or a mixture of both; here’s what they mean:

Rosebuds = Beauty & Youthfulness

Full-blown Roses = You are Beautiful

A Single Rose = Simplicity

A Bouquet of Roses = Gratitude

Rose Leaf = Delicate Beauty

This concludes my research and investigation in regards to the “True Meanings of the Magical Rose”! With much gratification and commitment I hope that you will welcome and comprehend the “Language of Roses” with much more substantiation and illumination. Please allow the rapturous enchantment of the adoring fresh rose to enhance and warm the hearts of the ones that you love for a lifetime. Even better, give them unreservingly with love and appreciation to any unfamiliar person to make their day just a little better. To express the feelings in only a way that God could articulate, let the rose speak your thoughts! I promise you will change the lives of all that surround you.

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