The Kukka mill restoration project will be created in Pskov this year

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In the current 2021, a project for the restoration of the Kukka mill, which stands on the banks of the Pskova River in the Finnish Park, will be created in Pskov. Vadim Nedik, Chairman of the Regional Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Sites, announced this live on the Ekho Moskvy radio station in Pskov in the Interlinear program.

He drew attention to the fact that two iconic cultural heritage sites located in the Finnish Park are expected to be renewed at once. The second, in addition to the Kukka mill, will be the Geldt Bath. Both monuments, according to Vadim Nedik, have owners who intend to restore and adapt the objects for modern use.

According to the guest of the studio, the Geldt Bath renovation project appeared back in 2016. According to the documentation, a 40-seat bathhouse, a kitchen and a cafe will appear on the 1st floor of the building, which can be visited simultaneously by up to 80 tourists and residents of the city. A catering establishment will also be located on the second floor. Only the number of seats there will already be 70, plus a banquet hall for 50 people.

“Last week we went out together with the head of the organization and the employees of the organization for the production of work on the object: there are questions about the structure, which is in a deplorable state – without disassembling the elements, a collapse will occur. The project developers and representatives of the owner are now in direct contact with us, ”Vadim Nedik described the current situation, and then noted that all work in the bathhouse should be completed by December 31, 2021.

Last year, work began on the territory of the Geldt Bath.

There is also progress in the Kukka mill case. Currently, the owner of the facility has entered into an agreement on the development of scientific and design documentation for repairs and restoration. It is already known that the dilapidated monument will be adapted for modern use (they intend to create another cafe inside), and on the outside to recreate a mill water wheel.