The Kostroma shelter for homeless animals lacks only 100,000 rubles for complete happiness

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The Kostroma animal shelter “Right to Life” again appeals to the residents of the region and the city for help.

Animal rights activists report that another deadline is coming to an end, in which they must either buy out the land they occupy, or get out of this land.

Let’s remind that the price of the land plot, which is currently occupied by the shelter, is 5 million rubles.

The animal rights activists were able to get part of the money through the sale of the inheritance, which was left to the fund by a compassionate woman from Kostroma – but these funds were still not enough. I had to put a virtual hat in a circle – and now, until the coveted 5 million, nothing is enough – some one hundred thousand rubles.

But … and they need to collect blood from the nose before the end of March, otherwise 300 of our smaller brothers will again be on the street.

Which will certainly be very sad.

Therefore, MK-Kostroma informs everyone who wants to help “Right to Life” financially, the requisites by which this can be done:

Kostroma Regional Public Organization for Helping Animals “Right to Life”

INN 4401115905 KPP 440101001

OGRN 1134400000580

Р / СЧ 40703810129000000341 in Branch No. 8640 of OJSC Sberbank of Russia, Kostroma 30101810200000000623

BIK 043469623

with a note: “Charitable donations for the statutory purposes of the KROO” Right to Life “

* YANDEX-MONEY: 410014277431761

* SECURITY CARD: 5469 2900 1188 3006, holder Natalya Vladimirovna S. is tied to the office phone number of the shelter +79502499320.

* HUNGRY PHONE: + 7-905-152-91-48 (Beeline Kostroma).