The keys to a successful hair transplant

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Accredited professional in the field: the doctor who performs the intervention must be accredited in the field of hair transplantation. You always have to remember that you are about to go through an operation that will change the image that we have up to now and that we present to the world. Therefore, for the transition to show natural and lasting results, the person who carries it out must be an expert in hair transplants, not only in medicine. 

Use of cutting-edge technology:

 In addition to the knowledge of its professionals, Dubai has the latest technology in hair transplantation. 

Follow the instructions:

 Like any medical treatment, Hair Clinic Dubai also has its postoperative period and it is very important to follow the doctor’s instructions to achieve the desired results. The consultations that take place after the operation cannot be overlooked, much less ignore what the doctor indicates. For a few days, the transplanted area will be sensitive and will need to be treated with great care. 

Patience: the results are not immediate, 

but there is a period during which we will not see any change. This is because the follicles will take an average of four to five months to grow. Patience is key to avoid resorting to measures that could result in damaging the work done. 

Hair Transplant in Celebrities Can you get the same result that is seen in public personalities?

Yes and no. The images we see in the media have long ceased to be faithful reflections of reality. Photo retouching has gained ground long before hair transplantation. This leads us to associate a written interview in which a media person with lush hair claims to have undergone a hair transplant, with an image that may be somewhat distorted in favor of his own aesthetics.

In Dubai, advances in technology and techniques allow such a result to be achieved in cases where the physical and genetic characteristics of the patient allow it. However, those who go for a hair transplant should never lose sight of their own reality.