The key to the ancient tower was returned after 47 years

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St. Leonard’s Tower in Southern England is a mysterious place. Historians do not know who built this Norman citadel over 900 years ago and why.

There is speculation that this tower was once part of a larger temple. And now a new mystery: who “borrowed” the key to the tower and returned it 47 years later? The English Heritage charity, which runs the historic site, said it recently received a package with a heavy bronze key and an anonymous note: “Loaned 1973. Returned 2020. Sorry for the delay. Hello”. The key itself is about 100 years old, and the organization does not know under what circumstances it disappeared.

“This is, of course, the most amazing package we have ever received,” said Roy Porter, the organization’s chief curator. “This modern mystery adds to the mystery that the tower itself represents. We would like to reward a person for his honesty and accept him as a member of our organization. If this is about you, then please contact us. “

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