The jury on the first day failed to reach a verdict in the Floyd case

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The jury was unable on the first day to deliver a verdict at the trial in the American Minneapolis (Minnesota) trial of the murder of African American George Floyd. This was announced on Monday, April 19, by the Star Tribune newspaper.

According to the newspaper, the jury discussed the case for several hours, but decided to continue the meeting on Tuesday. It is noted that the jury is isolated from other participants in the process, they will spend the night at the hotel. The decision must be taken unanimously. There are no time limits for this.

Floyd’s murder is accused of former police officer Derek Chauvin, who used a choke hold during the arrest of an African American in May 2020. The incident caused a wide public outcry, in the United States in the summer there were protests against police violence and discrimination against black people.

The ex-policeman’s trial began in March. The most serious of the crimes that the ex-police officer is charged with is second-degree murder. If Chauvin is found guilty, he could be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 40 years.

Earlier in April, the chief medical examiner for Hennepin County, Minnesota, Andrew Baker, said Floyd died as a result of police forceful arrests, but that he also had heart disease and drug use.

In turn, Chauvin’s lawyer claims that heart disease or the use of fentanyl and methamphetamine may have been the cause of Floyd’s death.