The Investigative Committee became interested in an aggressive dad from Rybinsk

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At the end of July, a video was posted on the social network, in which the stern dad very cruelly “deals with a crying young child. The child cries, shouts “no need”, but this does not affect the unfortunate parent. A pregnant wife nearby does not show interest in what is happening. And when he tries to stand up for the child, he gets a jab in the side. This situation took place in Rybinsk.

The police initiated an investigation into the beating of the child. As it turned out, the beating one was not the boy’s father at all. He’s just mom’s roommate. But he is not a stranger to the child either. This is the brother of the child’s father. Such is the difficult collision of life.

Now the aggressive “educator” will be checked by the Investigative Committee. The child was removed from the family pending clarification of the circumstances.

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