The ice will return. In the coming years on Sakhalin it can get seriously colder

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The climatic changes that are now taking place in Russia can make the already harsh climate even colder. Professor of the RSHU Oleg Pokrovsky told about this.

According to the meteorologist, there was a sharp decrease in average temperature on the surface of the North Atlantic. This will certainly lead to an even greater cooling of the Arctic Ocean. For Russia and Scandinavia, this will mean the onset of even sharper cold weather. So much so that they neutralize the effects of global warming.

Pokrovsky explained to that humanity will come to a global cooling if the cooling of the North Atlantic does not stop. At the same time, the Europeans are threatened much less, the professor said. After all, Europe is washed by the warm currents of the Atlantic Ocean.

Earlier MK on Sakhalin said that scientists associate unsuccessful salmon fishing grounds and unstable fast ice with warming. Fishermen in recent years have become too often to swim away on ice floes.