The historic house on Svetlanskaya Street in Vladivostok will be reconstructed again

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In Vladivostok, the reconstruction of a historic building on Svetlanskaya, 87 has begun, the facade of which began to crumble after last year’s restoration work. IA PrimaMedia reported about it on March 18.

As told in the city hall, on the eve of the contractors met with representatives of the organization serving the house, and discussed the progress of work. First of all, experts will disassemble the elements of the facade that pose a threat of collapse. Then the refurbishment will begin.

The building on Svetlanskaya, 87, was reconstructed in 2020, but the facade began to crumble again. The townspeople were greatly outraged by the situation.

The Vladivostok administration explained the rapid destruction not by the quality of the work, but by the consequences of Typhoon Maysak. The roof damaged by it was repaired, but later it turned out that water leaks during a downpour also occurred in the cornice. Because of this, the destruction did not appear immediately, but only now.

It is planned to complete new restoration work by May 15th.