The herring excited the Sakhalin residents and drove them to the seashore

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Herring began to spawn on Sakhalin. In huge shoals, she approached the seashore in Prigorodnoye, Korsakovsky district. The islanders abandoned everything and hastened to replenish their supplies.

The excitement on the seashore is easily explained – Sakhalin residents are used to stocking up on seasonal seafood, especially when you can take it with your hands. Therefore, their whole families went to Prigorodnoye on April 22. They carried the herring off the beach in buckets.

Tons of herring off the coast excited Sakhalin residents

Tons of herring off the coast excited Sakhalin residents

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– We live in tune with nature. We harvest and eat according to the season. Smelt, navaga, burdock, wild garlic, sima, crab, chilims, pink salmon, mushrooms, wild berries – it’s just like a calendar from February to September, – commented on the excitement with fish Sakhalin Svetlana.

At the same time, the islanders argue whether it is worth catching herring now. Allegedly, it is not yet fat enough. But basically they adhere to the rule “If you come from the sea, then fishing is normal.”