The head physician of a Moscow hospital dismissed after bullying a patient

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Chief physician of the GKB im. F.I. Inozemtseva in Moscow was fired after bullying an elderly patient by the nurses of the institution, the persons involved in the incident were suspended from work.

About it said in a statement by the press service of the capital’s health department, released on April 26.

It is noted that the medical institution carried out internal control measures.

“The actions of employees are unacceptable and defamatory of both the medical organization and the city health system as a whole. The employees involved in the incident were suspended from work. Labor relations with the chief doctor of the hospital were terminated, ”the text says.

At the same time, the Moscow Department of Healthcare expressed its readiness to provide maximum assistance to law enforcement officers in the verification of this case.

The day before, a video appeared on the network in which nurses from a Moscow hospital scream at a 62-year-old patient and stab her. The author claims that the health workers threatened to “rip out the leg” of the woman. In the frames, a mate is heard, and then a cry. It was established that the patient was admitted to the therapeutic department.

On the fact of the incident, the UK opened a criminal case under Art. 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Provision of services that do not meet safety requirements”).