The head of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan was vaccinated live with the Kazakhstan vaccine

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Minister of Health of Kazakhstan Aleksey Tsoi was vaccinated with QazVac live. The broadcast took place on the official Facebook page of the Ministry of Health. Mass vaccination of Kazakhstanis with this drug will begin today, April 26.

Recall that the first batch of the Kazakh vaccine QazVac (QazCovid-in) in the amount of 50 thousand doses was shipped to Almaty, Shymkent, Aktobe and Nur-Sultan. The vaccine was produced at the Research Institute of Biological Safety Problems in the Zhambyl region.

According to the developers, the vaccine is reliable, tested by manufacturing technology. All components have been studied and safe for 60 years. The only new component is the virus itself, which is chemically inactivated.

Thus, the domestic vaccine is inactivated. This is when they take a virus, kill it in one way or another, and prepare a drug from the dead virus. In their composition, such vaccines are similar to a real virus, so they elicit a strong immune response. They are difficult to manufacture and therefore have a high cost. A single dose of QazVac is priced at $ 4.7.

It is planned to gradually increase the production of the QazVac vaccine to 500-600 thousand doses per month.