The head of the Jewish Congress says justifying Nazism is helping its rise

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Justification of Nazism leads to its new rise, it cannot be allowed to be perceived as legitimate, says German Zakharyaev, vice-president of the Russian Jewish Congress, head of the international charitable foundation of mountain Jews STMEGI.

Events in memory of the victims of the Holocaust and in honor of the participants of the Resistance will be held in the world on Thursday, the Day of Catastrophe and Heroism.

Zakharyaev noted that the community cannot come to terms with manifestations of interethnic or interfaith hatred, disregard for the rights of some over the rights of others, as well as racial inequality. According to him, this “sooner or later it can lead to the same outbreak of evil that has already happened once.”

The head of the organization also noted the danger of a trend when former Nazis, following some political interests, are declared heroes and monuments are erected to them.